Palilula Green Market

by Milutin Cerovic, Ivana Petrusevski, Vladimir Pavlovic, Djordje Stojanovic
Belgrade, Serbia, 2009


The competition brief called for an architectural solution for the public space with the changing use throughout the day. Exactly the topic we would choose to work with. According to the brief, green market was to occupy the place in the morning hours, and in the afternoon and evening this was meant to become a public square where different forms of street art would unfold and people would gather and socialize. We thought that either/or strategy doesn’t work, that market and any form of social or cultural activity would work much better in synergy and have developed proposal which provided for simultaneous events. Both purposes we supported by timber canopy adapting to weather conditions - sun, rain, snow - and providing the airflow for high temeperatures. Project was developed using Grasshopper and Rhino.