by Ivana Petrusevski

mentor: Djordje Stojanovic, MArch AA, MSc, ARB, PhD
board: Djordje Stojanovic, Dragana Bazik and Miodrag Nestorovic
Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade

Equi is about public and semi public spaces. It makes fluid connection between levels of two existing buildings using complex geometry - rheotomic surface (surface with a constant but flowing change of intersection). Surface is generated through a rotation and space symmetry, creating a complex geometry. Generating processes is controlled through grasshopper and VB script including mathematics and physics.

Cartesian raster defines 24x24meter raster (area with one attractor) in public space as a human natural measure in which human feels comfortable. Using existing attractors and forming the new ones Cartesian system is being deformed. It is transformed considering the strength of attractors previously positioned in space and determined as a factor - area of space divided by number of people. Result is new system witch could be described through electric lines and equipotential lines (horizontal sections of equipotential surface). Rheotomic geometry is based on transformed system.

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