by Ivana Petrusevski and Deyan Nenov


WON OPEN CALL Social (re)connection: Choreographing architectural gestures in urban space, funded by
Grand Challenges Behaviour Change Research Prize.
Exhibited for TWO WEEKS in urban settings, EUSTON SQUARE GARDENS, LONDON as a part of a Behavior Change UCL
Budget: £4000

sPins is an audio-visual installation inspired by playfulness - roly poly toy and the natural instinct of brushing long grass. sPins translate the gesture of human touch into an playful interactive performance. Traces of light, movement and ambient sound propagate the network enticing others to ‘play’ whilst forging the most basic human need of social connection.
Simultaneously as sensor and sound mechanism we recycled 49 reception bells. Sensors are based on circuit. When one of the sPins is leaned the bell mechanism simultaneously produces sound and registers movement, hence touch. This sends light and sound signals along one sPin and network of them. Network of sPins distributed in different locations is communicating human gestures aiming for urban reconnection.

(1) Light transmitting acrylic rod, (2) Styrofoam ball, (3) Ball opening (4) Position of RGB LED, (5) Sound mechanism and Gnd of sensor, (6) Lead weight, (7) 5V sensor, (8) Piezzo speaker increases the sound, (9) Ball opening (10) Stabilizer

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